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Please find below a little selection of the Artists artwork. For more artwork go to their homepages here: Members




Artistas Eclécticos is a group of professional international artists who have exhibited extensively across
much of the world before joining together in Andalucía, Spain.

They offer varied and interesting exhibitions which are a delight to see.

This is a fluid group of artists who still show their work in other countries and offer a variety of exciting exhibitions.

The artists produce work in oil, watercolour, silk painting, etchings, mixed media, fabric and silver.
The artists also undertake commissions.

The artworks consist of classical style to abstract, landscapes to depictions of people and animals,
The colour goes from pastel to very bold.

If you are a business who would like to host an exhibition, or perhaps you have a suitable venue
and would like to show some quality art then please contact Margit Björklund :



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